New Wheelhouse: Brakes

Maintenance Needed For A New Yetti Wheelhouse Breaks


Retighten Lugs At First 10; 25; & 50 Miles

Wheel lugs can shift and settle quickly after being first assembled and must be checked after the first 10, 25, and 50 miles of driving. Failure to perform this check may result in a wheel coming loose from thewheelhouse, causing a crash leading to death or serious injury. Improper tightening of the lug nuts or bolts voids the axle warranty. Refer to the Inspection, Service, and Maintenance section of this manual.


Adjust Brake At First 200 Miles (If Equipped)

Brake shoes and drums experience rapid initial wear. The brakes must be adjusted after the first 200 miles of use, and each 3,000 miles thereafter. Some axles are fitted with a mechanism that will automatically adjust the brake shoes. Read your axle and brake manual to see if your brakes adjust automatically. If you do not have the axle and brake manual, contact your dealer for assistance.If your wheelhouse is not fitted with automatically adjusting brakes, the brakes will need to be manually adjusted.


Synchronizing Brake System (If Equipped)

Wheelhouse brakes are designed to work in synchronization with the brakes on the tow vehicle. When the tow vehicle and wheelhouse braking systems are synchronized, both braking systems contribute to slowing, and the tongue of the wheelhouse will neither dive nor rise sharply.


  • Lug nuts or bolts are prone to losing after being first assembled. Death or serious injury can result.
  • Check lug nuts or bolts for tightness on a new Yetti, and after re-mounting a wheel.
  • If your wheelhouse and tow vehicle brakes do not work properly together, death or serious injury can occur.
  • Road test the brakes in a safe area at no more than 30 mph before each tow.


For additional information on routine inspections for your wheelhouse’s electric brakes and breakaway breaks, check out this Owner Guide’s Post: Inspecting Brakes and Breakaway Brakes.


Failure to properly maintain and service your Voyager equipment may result in personal injury and may void any manufacturer warranties. Please contact your local dealer with any service, maintenance, or warranty questions.

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