Operating your Yetti’s Sliding Couches

In this video, Tom will demonstrate how to fold the sliding couches that were new in select 2021 Grand Escape Yetti’s.

This video is shown inside the GE824-DRKF model, but this also works in the larger models that have the dual 70” couches in the back.

Steps walked through are below.

  1. Using the lever underneath the driver-side couch, pull the couch out away from the wall by pressing the lever.
    1. Once the couch is fully away from the wall, lay it flat by lifting both the bottom and top cushions towards each other.
  2. Go to the passenger-side couch, lift both cushions towards each other, and lay flat.
  3. Ensure both couches are lying flat in a bedform with no gap between the touching cushions.

For assistance on how to operate a Yetti jack knife sofa, check out this blog:  Operating A Yetti Jack Knife Couch

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