Precautionary for Your Yetti Fish House 

When going out on the hardwater it is important to be able to get out of a difficult situation if something happens. Here are some things you should keep in your fish house that could potentially aid you in such a circumstance. To start, have a propane torch to thaw out anything quickly. Additionally, a de-icer should be sprayed around the door once or twice a day to prevent frost from accumulating and the seal from loosening. Other extra gear to consider includes a regulator, a few fuses, a pin, an absorbent rug, and a headlamp. All these items cost around $150, with the regulator being the priciest at around $70. By ensuring you have the necessary tools and equipment, you can effectively prepare yourself to handle any unforeseen circumstances while out on the hardwater. If you’re looking to purchase fish house equipment or need assistance with any of these items, you can find fish house dealers near you for guidance and support. They can provide expert advice and help you choose the right gear for your needs.  

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