Pro Tip: Rattle Reels in your Yetti Fish House

Rattle reels are an important part of the Yetti Ice House fishing experience and can make fishing much easier! If used correctly, you might just catch the entire lake!

Brad Hawthorne, one of the most recognized and respected anglers in the Midwest, prefers to use a fly line and uses a swivel snap to mark the line. In order to do this:

  1. Slide the base off and put the clip back together.
    • You’ll use this as your line marker.
    • It will slide up and down your fly line allowing you to set your lure in any desired spot.
  2. Set the swivel aside.
    • Use the swivel to tie whatever lead material you want depending on the targeted species of fish.

The important feature of the fly line is that it’s neutrally buoyant. When you put a weight on the line, it will slowly sink. The line will act as a bobber so when a fish gets hooked, the extra coil will cause the rattle real to actuate.

This will help you and your crew fill your Yetti Fish House with fish, all winter long!

For more helpful information regarding rattle reels, check out the video below! Mike Hehner talks everything rattle reels inside your Yetti Fish House.

If you’d like to see more information on how to install rattle reels in your ice house, check out this blog: Installing Catch Cover Discs

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