Winterizing Your Yetti

Yetti Fish House, Grand Escape and Traxx Editions have water systems in them. It is important to winterize your Yetti in preparation for cold weather situations.

In this video, Brady will show you the steps you should take to safely winterize your Yetti.

Drain your fresh water tank:

The first thing to do is to drain your black, grey, and freshwater holding tanks. Provide sufficient time to completely drain tanks.

  • Locate your water pipes inside the Yetti and turn the valves OFF.

Drain your water heater:

Locate the water heater on the outside panel of your Yetti. Ensure the water heater is not hot. If it is hot, turn it off and come back when it is cooled off.

When your water heater is cooled off, open the hot water valve at any sink inside to relieve any pressure and to leak any remaining water in the system. This also prevents airlocks.

Once you have opened the valve and the tank is cool, you can remove the drain plug (on the outside of your Yetti) and drain your tank.

  • The drain plug is in the bottom left-hand corner of the hot water heater. You will need a 15/16 socket and ratchet to remove the cap.
  • Reinstall the plug. Be sure not to overtighten the plug.

Turning the bypass valves off and prepping the lines for anti-freeze:

Go to the hot water heater and turn the bypass valves off to ensure you don’t pump any RV antifreeze into the hot water heater.

  • BLUE PIPE (feeds cold water into the hot water heater)
    • Turn the valve off.
  • RED PIPE (allows water to come out of the hot water heater)
    • Turn the valve off.
  • Valve where the red and blue pipes meet:
  • Turn on. (It should be parallel with its pipes)

Loading antifreeze in your Yetti:

  • Locate your freshwater tank.
    • NOTE: You do not need to pour antifreeze into your water tank.
  • Close the drain valve.
  • Go to the valve between the water tank and the water pump
  • Open the valve that goes to your antifreeze intake.  This allows you to pump the antifreeze directly from the bottle into the pump and throughout the system without contaminating the fresh water holding tank or the hot water heater.
  • Stick the hose in the antifreeze bottle.
  • Turn on the water pump.
  • Go to your closest sink and run the HOT water valve until you get a strong flow of antifreeze.
  • Repeat with the cold-water valve into your other sink drain (if you have a dual sink vanity)
  • Go to your bathroom to do this same process for the sink, shower, and toilet.
    • Shower: Remove the showerhead from the holder and lay it on the floor as close to the shower drain as possible. Turn on the hot water until you have a strong flow of antifreeze. Repeat with cold water.
    • Bathroom sink: Turn on the hot water until you have a strong flow of antifreeze. Repeat with cold water.
    •  Toilet: Flush until you have a strong flow of antifreeze.

Remove the hose from the antifreeze bottle and store back it in the cabinet. Turn off the water pump.

Failure to properly maintain and service your Voyager equipment may result in personal injury and may void any manufacturer warranties. Please contact your local dealer with any service, maintenance, or warranty questions.

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