Hooking up to Power

Your Yetti Fish House interior is equipped with a 30-amp inlet (A) a cordset (B), and a 30 to 15 amp adaptor (D).

You will need the cordset to hook up to 120-volt power which will run:

  • A/C
  • Electric side of the water heater
  • Converter (charges battery)
  • Fireplace
  • TV
  • 120-volt outlets

To connect 30-amp cordset to inlet:

  1. Match the terminals in the correct position and twist clockwise to lock cord to inlet.
  2. Twist ring collar clockwise to a snug tightness to ensure a good connection.

To disconnect:

  1. Twist ring collar counterclockwise until loose.
  2. Twist the connector counterclockwise to unlock.
  3. Pull lightly away from the trailer.

NOTE: The other end of the cordset (B) is equipped with a 3 prong 30-amp male connection.  If a 30-amp connection (C) is present, ALWAYS plug into that outlet.

There is an adapter included with your interior to adapt the 30 amp to 15 amp adaptor (D) if a 30 outlet is not present.  If adapting down to a 15 amp it is the owner’s responsibility to only run a maximum of 15 amps at a time when this adapter is being used. If running over 15 amps, premature wear to connections, wire, and appliances can occur.