Yetti Winch House Operation

If you are a new wheelhouse owner you will inevitably be learning some new things!

This blog was put together to share the basics of one of the first processes you will need to know if you purchased a Winch style house.  You can imagine our team has cranked up a few thousand of these over the years and we are happy to share our recommended process and tips with you!  After going through this guide you will have the confidence to get out on the ice!

Winch House

In this video: Tom at Yetti Outdoors walks through the steps to lower an 8×16 wheelhouse to the ice both while being attached to your towing vehicle and with your wheelhouse detached.

A few of our pro tips in this process are to make sure you do not pinch your safety cord, chains or light cord between the ice and the wheelhouse tongue, and to make sure to store away the wheelhouse

pins inside your truck or Yetti in a safe location to ensure you don’t lose them and to prevent theft.

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