Blocking A Yetti Wheelhouse

As a wheelhouse owner, you may at times prefer to block or lift your Yetti fish house.  We always suggest using wood blocks and RV-designed leveling blocks to prevent any damage if you are going to be blocking your house. The video below will teach you how to properly block your Yetti Fish House.

The diagram below shows the recommended frame locations for blocking or lifting a Yetti wheelhouse:

For assistance in operating a Hydraulic style wheelhouse: Raising/Lowering A Yetti  Hydraulic Style Wheelhouse

For assistance in operating a Winch style wheelhouse: Raising/Lowering A Yetti Winch Style Wheelhouse

Failure to properly maintain and service your Voyager equipment may result in personal injury and may void any manufacturer warranties.

Please contact your local dealer with any service, maintenance, or warranty questions.

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