Water Heater Operation

The Dometic WH-6GA is a market-leading water heater for mobile applications. Its robust burner system generates hot water quicker and for longer to ensure a comfortable and convenient hot water experience while you’re in your Yetti Fish House.

Before use, make sure the water heater is full of water before any heating is performed. Damage will occur if it is not full.


  1. When filling the water heater for the first time, make sure the bypass valves are in the correct positions for operation.
    • See the “Storage/Winterizing” section for more information.
  2. As you are filling the water heater’s tank, turn on a faucet’s hot water side to release any air that will be trapped in the tank.
  3. When the water heater is full, water will successfully come out of the hot water sides of every faucet in the Yetti.


Propane Operation:

When the gas switch is turned on, the unit will make 3 attempts to light. If for any reason there is no ignition, the unit will lock out and the red lockout lamp will illuminate. If the thermostat fails, the ECO will also lock out the ignition, requiring resetting. Determine the reason for no ignition, correct it, and reset the gas ignition sequence by turning the switch off, then on.


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Failure to properly maintain and service your Voyager equipment may result in personal injury, and may void any manufacturer warranties. Please contact your local dealer with any service, maintenance, or warranty questions.

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