Ice Fishing In North Dakota

With above-average fish populations and loosening state regulations, ice fishing on many of North Dakota’s 430+ fishable lakes has quickly become a choice winter sport for those living in North Dakota and those across the ice belt. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department stated recently that the focus of North Dakota ice anglers is…

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Utilize Your Jigging Rod

Want to be more effective fishing out of your Yetti? Joel Nelson talks about how to utilize jigging to attract more fish and increase your catch rates this Winter! Model shown: T821-PKF. Failure to properly maintain and service your Voyager equipment may result in personal injury and may void any manufacturer warranties. Please contact your local…

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Yetti Fishing Family Style

Wheelhouse Angling – Family Style By Joel Nelson The popularity of wheelhouses has grown in recent years for good reason.  It is a comfortable way to enjoy fishing for the whole family.  Though, at least for my crew, the camping-on-ice part has been as much fun for them as the fishing.  That part has been…

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Yetti Ice House Tour

Yetti House Tour With Joel Nelson So you narrow down your Edition, layout, colors, interior and exterior options, and poof – now you have an awesome wheelhouse for your year-round enjoyment! Once you bring your shiny new Yetti home, it’s your turn to add finishing touches – like adding where you want your coat hooks…

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Panfishing In A Yetti

Some of the best weekends in the Yetti can be found sitting on schools of panfish.  They make for a fun catch, a lot of smiles, and some tastey ice meals! The Angling Buzz team were out on the ice and made a cool video of tips, tricks, and just all around fun had while…

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Off the Beaten Path By Joel Nelson If you own a mobile semi-permanent ice shelter of any kind, this winter you’ll likely face a familiar conundrum each time you set up on your favorite lake.  Where to put it?  Or, from another perspective, how far off the beaten path dare I go?  It’s a tough…

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Coffee In A Wheel House

Good Morning Coffee Lovers! When you’re learning how to incorporate the comforts of home into your wheelhouse routines, one of the first things to consider is how you are going to have your morning cup of coffee while out on the ice!  Using a traditional coffee maker can be taxing on your generator and limit…

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Rattle & Flash Jigging Spoons

When you first drop your line – what is your bait delivery system?  There is no question that we all have a pile of jigging spoons in our tackle boxes!  Whether you purchased them because you wanted a few from each of the vast options of colors, brands, or styles – one thing is certain,…

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Ice Sonars With Joel Nelson

Getting The Most From Your Ice Sonar By Joel Nelson From the day you get your first flasher, the ice-fishing universe is forever changed.  I was 10 years old, the year was 1989, and for 25 bucks I got my grandpa’s old Lowrance 2330 which he had since given up on “figuring out.”  It was…

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