Fishing For Panfish

Ice Fishing Panfish

No doubt about it, panfish are one of the most popular species to fish on hard water!  They are fairly easy to locate and provide all-day action, all winter long.

In this episode of AnglingBuzz ICE, they cover all things panfish.  This video is great for anglers who are new to the sport, but also has some great pro tips to help sharpen even a novice fisherman’s strategies!

Tony Mariotti – Attributes his success catching the large bluegill and crappies to his research and preparation before he even heads out to the lake!

Some of his tips:

  • Explore lakes that are less popular and are quieter 
  • Check a lake’s fishery and depth information on the DNR website: Lake Finder
  • Be prepared to evaluate a dozen lakes to choose the right one for your fishing trip
  • Find the smaller lakes that have a public access or are accessible through state land – county gis websites and Google Earth maps can be very helpful in locating access points to a lake. 

Planning ahead can help narrow down finding the right lake and spot to ensure you are saving time and the frustration of moving around too much when you get out to the lake.  Especially important if you’re planning on taking children with you who may not have the patience to find that perfect spot as you may have.  You can find more tips on activities to do ice fishing with kids in our blog: FISHING WITH KIDS

If you’re a bit overwhelmed on where to find panfish, check out the video posted above at the minute mark: 4:17 where Tony Boshold, a tournament fishing pro goes over the patterns of these fish in an easy to understand breakdown.

Finding Panfish Fast!

In the video below, we join several of the top ice fishing experts about how to be more efficient on the ice.

Jeremy Smith offers up some fool-proof tips to get you fishing fast instead of fighting your gear after a long period of storage.  Tony Roach goes over electric ice augers, Brad Hawthorne shares fishing strategies, and several other pro ice fisherman share insight on the best type of fishing rods, tackle, finding the perfect locations and strategies for this season pan fishing success.

Whether your a novice fisherman or new to the sport – we’re confident there are always new tricks and gear every year that can help polish your game and provoke you to stock your tackle box!  As we head into our 2020 ice fishing season we’re excited to see all of your photos and hear about your ice fishing stories!  If you have photos or stories you’d like to have featured – you can message the Yetti Outdoors team here: Message Yetti Outdoors

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