Ice Fishing With Kids

How can an ice fishing trip get even better? Bring the kids! As fish houses have evolved into comfy cabins on ice the last few years it’s become even easier to get the whole family hooked on ice fishing.

Even without a shack, it’s still a fun, family-friendly activity if you follow a few quick pointers. Here are some tried and true guidelines to get you started.

  1. Plan a safe trip – ensure ice travel and fishing conditions are safe
    1. Hole safety covers are a must, such as Catch Cover’s Safety Covers. Shop around – they also make covers for use in portables/on-ice too
  2. Bring a lot of snacks
  3. Limit your fishing expectations – it’s about more than catching fish on trips with kids
  4. Ensure kids are able to warm up and stay dry in a portable or wheelhouse like a Yetti Fish House or limit the time of your trip
    • Extra dry clothes are a must, especially socks
  5. Did we mention snacks?!
  6. Plan fun activities throughout the trip *Check out this blog post for activity ideas!

Do you Have Suggestions to make fishing more fun for kids? Please send us your tips and tricks via Facebook Messenger

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