Storing Your Yetti

Storing your Yetti ice house camper properly is an important contributor to its longevity and overall condition. While either the up or down position is suitable, there are some advantages of storing your Yetti in the down position. Here is why: 

  1. Suspension: Storing your Yetti in the down position takes all the weight off the suspension, which is beneficial for extended periods of storage. This can improve the longevity of your fish house and help maintain its overall condition.  
  1. Protection: With a hydraulic house, storing it in the down position, fully immerses your ram inside the cylinder, protecting it from the elements.  
  1. Airflow: By using bigger blocking, you can get more airflow around the house, which is important for extended storage periods. Use at least four- to six-inch-tall blocking and suggested blocking areas of eight points on an 8 ft. wide house and six points on a 6 ½ ft wide house. Learn more about blocking your wheelhouse here: 
  1. Preservation: Before you leave your ice house camper in storage, it is important to ensure that all your windows and doors are closed and that the house is completely dry. This is extremely important after an ice fishing trip recently. Read more about condensation management here: 

By following these recommendations and storing your Yetti ice house camper properly, you can ensure its longevity and overall condition for years to come.  

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